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Technical Integration & Website Management Solution

A real estate company manages a listing website that caters directly to buyers, sellers, and brokers was finding it too costly, time-consuming, and difficult to maintain their system without a technically advanced support and development team. They needed someone with the expertise to expand their website to match their quickly growing business and allow them to focus on their business.

To help them scale their business and improve their website, AllianceTek formed an extended, end-to-end team to provide technically advanced solutions on an ongoing basis, backed by extensive R&D, to produce cost-effective results using a combination of technologies. AllianceTek took complete responsibility of the project right from design, development, testing, to deployment. This ensured that the client had no stress of development or technology expansion.

AllianceTek converted their existing website into an intuitive and responsive mobile-friendly design that can be accessed and used by anyone who wants to find or list properties. The system has the ability to estimate ‘home worth’ and calculate a properties’ ‘drive score,’ a feature that uses Google API to rate a property’s neighborhood based on nearby locales, such as schools, theaters, and hospitals. Customers experience a faster, more optimized search performance while back office staff can now manage aspects of the website through an admin panel.

AllianceTek established seamless communication with a hybrid model. The client was provided with regular updates and quick customer support with an agile development approach and component factory model. AllianceTek’s extended services enabled the client to reduce their IT overhead and target a new segment of mobile users for their website.

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I had a very good experience working with this team. They are very friendly and available and know to take some initiative when needed. More than that, they delivered perfect work in time!

- Alexandre Gonzales
Webaoo USA, Inc.
Las Vegas, NV

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