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Virtual Sports Betting on Facebook

A startup social media company wanted to create an application for virtual betting on global sporting events. They used AllianceTek as their technology partner to Develop a Web-based Application Using .NET, SQL Server 2005, HTML, XML and Facebook Frameworks FBML & FBJS that integrated with existing features on Facebook for members to join and bet virtual currency. The application used third-party data feeds from live sporting events to allocate virtual chips to the winners and losers. The social media has seen their online community grow due to the popularity of the application.

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The client, a startup company that provides online community services and social media marketing. offers services on social media sites and communities and assists users with innovative and entrepreneurial concepts...

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AllianceTek is fantastic to work with. They are a team of true professionals. You will become friends with the people at AllianceTek. Not only do I recommend them for your projects, but I am going to use them again. They know what they are doing, they give suggestions, and anticipate potential issues. I am so happy to have crossed paths with this fine group of professionals.

- Alex Ghatan (President)
Skyline Property Group Inc.
Atlanta, GA

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