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Unified Billing Solution

RAMMP Mobility Inc. manages the wireless needs of Fortune 500 companies through a single point of contact. Since not all of their clients used the same carrier, the company needed AllianceTek to Create a Web Portal that provided a uniform data structure and branding for each company using different data structures and models for different carriers. The solution integrates with RAMMP Mobility Inc.’s existing systems and offers a complete shopping cart experience. This allowed RAMMP Mobility Inc. to provide better customer satisfaction with enhanced sales and reduced management overhead.

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RAMMP Mobility, Inc. is a wireless technologies company that manages the wireless needs of Fortune 500 companies through a single point of contact. Although they are a small company...

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What an awesome experience I had working with this team. If you need a professional, reliable and competent team to help you out with any of your tech needs you don't need to look any further. From start to finish this team really made the process easy and did a fantastic job. I would use them again in a heartbeat.

- Payam Pakmanesh (CEO)
Cable Car Apps LLC
Hercules, CA

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