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Invitation Management System

Nimantra is an event management service that organizes conferences, weddings, parties and a host of other types of events. They needed assistance in handling and sending invitations in bulk and maintaining a common list of contact information. AllianceTek helped Nimantra implement a unique method for enabling user to send online, customized invitations with an intuitive, user-friendly invitation management system.

The system AllianceTek created features an administrative panel through which users can manage the entire application. Nimantra now has the ability to import Excel spreadsheets to create and update contact lists in one simple step. It allowed Nimantra to schedule events and send customizable invitations that include an RSVP feature so recipients can respond instantly and without confusion.

AllianceTek saved Nimantra time and reduced their costs by developing an application that can manage and oversee all of their requirements through a single system with automated features and intuitive, easy-to use processes.

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I hesitate to say how happy I am with this group because I'm not sure I want others to know what a great find they are. If everyone knows, I may have to wait in line. They go above and beyond the call, to help me reach my goals. Looking forward to working with them on the next project.

- Jeff Blasdell
Montgomery, TX

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