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Custom SAAS Membership Management Portal

Member Solutions provides billing and marketing Software Solutions and services to member-based organizations. Since these clients may have thousands of users, Member Solutions needed a custom software solution flexible enough to meet this demand. They sought the assistance of AllianceTek to create a software-as-a-solution that would be monitored, managed and maintained AllianceTek’s end. This SaaS application relieved Member Solutions of the challenge of maintaining an in-house software solution and accommodated the various needs of their clients with a robust set of features like check-in, track attendance, input a point-of-sale, process credits cards, schedule appointments, communicate by e-mail and monitor employee payroll.

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AllianceTek’s client is a large membership services company that provides billing, marketing, credit card processing, and event and member management services to member-based organizations..

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In the six months that we have worked with AllianceTek, they have proven to be very organized and professional. Their ability to effectively manage projects and clearly communicate status and updates has made them an invaluable partner for completing mission critical projects. By relying on their expertise, we are able to free up our internal team and allow them to focus on more strategic efforts.

- Scott Marshal (Director of Information Technology)
Member Solutions Inc.

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