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Mobile Event Management Solution


The client, an Australia-based software and web development company, provides software, web solutions, and iPhone and Android applications developed by their technology partners to their clients.


The company had a number of clients in the dining and entertainment business, including clubs, bars, and restaurants. These clients were looking for an event management application to help retain their existing customers and provide them with a convenient and enhanced dining and entertainment experience. They also wanted the application to help them find new customers and new revenue channels as well as reduce the time and cost they were spending on event sales and marketing.


With our experience designing innovative marketing software, AllianceTek evaluated their needs and developed a cross-platform mobile application to act as a mobile sales and marketing agent for individual customers to promote their events and offers. It includes enhanced features such as menu and location information, and management tools for notifications, events, promotions, and offers. It also includes social media and calendar integration, so clients can communicate directly with customers for feedback and notify them of upcoming events.


The application was built using the .NET Framework with SQL Server. Using PhoneGap, AllianceTek made the application usable across platforms. Customers can log into the app to search and view clubs, restaurants, and other food and drink establishments. Administrators can log into the app to add offers and promotions for events while customers can redeem these offers and promotions by showing the app at the venue. By using CMS, administrators can manage titles, descriptions, images, and design with dynamic view, edit, search, and delete capabilities.


As a result of partnering with AllianceTek for the development of their application, our client now has a full, robust solution to offer its dining and entertainment clients. The application reduces the time and cost that users spend on sales and marketing for events and promotions, and allows them to offer an enhanced mobile alternative that is much easier to manage, and more effective in maintaining relationships with current customers and attracting new ones.

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AllianceTek was the major difference in our project getting completed and our company growing into the automated system it is today. The level of service you receive starts right from the owner himself down through his levels of staff and implementation specialists regardless of their location worldwide. AllianceTek has become our technology and implementation partner and we highly recommend their service to any company small or large who is looking for timely, active and effective implementations. Thank you AllianceTek.

- Mark Johnston (CEO)
Annuities HQ
Toronto, ON Canada

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