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A Cross-platform Mobile Application for EMR (Electronic Medical Record) was designed exclusively for practicing doctors to assist them in their work and research. This unique mobile app for doctors helps them to keep track of their patients' appointments, histories, diagnoses, fees and other medical parameters.


With an increasing number of patients, it was becoming difficult and laborious for the clinical administrative staff and doctors’ assistants to track and search patient histories and records. Quick reports like unpaid visits and patient prescriptions were not easily available, and other information was not as accessible as it should have been. In addition, sharing information across different entities involving in patient treatment was consuming a lot of valuable time for doctors, patients and staff.


In seeking a solution to these challenges, it became clear that there was a need to develop a mobile application for EMR. The solution would assist doctors in managing patients' information and maintaining various reports based on the available data. With specializations in developing custom solutions, AllianceTek, a software and IT solutions company, built an EMR mobile application to store patient records.

This Patient record Management Mobile application has a myriad of unique features that provide easy accessibility and increased control to its users. It empowers doctors to record patient data, and share and refer information, procedures and diagnoses. It made searching patient records and histories a quick and easy task. Doctors can see what services they’ve performed for patients and view what medicines have been prescribed to them. Doctors can also easily attach documents such as test records and treatment details through a text entry. In addition, the app helps doctors manage appointments with a dynamic scheduling option. Its other features include financial report generation and detailed accounts of visits and unpaid visits, patient health data, services and prescribed medications. These reports can be sent and shared securely via email and include a wireless printing feature.


AllianceTek implemented multi-team collaboration through our hybrid development model to design a mobile application for EMR with generic app features that make it easy for doctors across the globe to use. Doctors can customize the app experience according to the unique requirements of their clinic.

AllianceTek effectively converted an idea to a complete solution and focused on a multi-valued user interface to make it as simple as possible for individual doctors and small clinics. This cross-platform EMR mobile application is accessible on all platforms – Android, Blackberry, Windows and iOS. We implemented an agile development methodology that covers the software development lifecycle, starting with analysis, requirement gathering, design and development to testing, maintenance and feedback on a daily basis. We divided the client’s requirements into individual components so we could give full attention to every minute detail. We provided end-to-end services including development, hosting, deployment, maintenance and upgrades right up to the application’s release.


AllianceTek's extremely reliable, cost effective and time saving solutions empowered the client to achieve their vision and objectives, and leverage them using the right technology. They now have a Patient record Management Mobile app for managing essential patient data. The app was built with dynamic features that can be applied to any stream of the health industry, including cardiology, neurology, orthopedics and more.

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